Karen C Mackenzie is a passionate writer and speaker, known for her ability to connect to her audience in a unique authentic style that resonates with all.  She specialises in three topic areas, all with the intention to lift people out of that feeling of being stuck in an endless daily grind.

  • Yoga, meditation and mental health: Shining a light on the mental health issues prevalent in today‚Äôs society and ways in which any individual can manage them;
  • Travel: Encouraging people to step out of their comfort zone in an effort to re-connect with nature, other and ultimately themselves
  • Personal Finance: Offering tips and techniques on personal budgeting and financing as it is often cited as the biggest blocker to people feeling satisfied or in control of their life.

Karen has spent the last 6 years mentoring corporate colleagues on personal development and taking the lead on driving positive employee engagement in her teams. Now she combines this with her yoga training (RYT 200) and travel experiences to deliver her observations and learnings to her readers.

She believes that we are all connected, and her mission is to remind everyone of this truth in an effort to encourage people to support one another rather than compete. Ultimately she wants to help everyone rise to a healthier mental state