My story

Since I was young I have loved languages & words.

I wrote lyrics to songs with no melody in a house that was filled with music and was fascinated by how a certain combination of words put together could make someone laugh or cry.

However as I was considering avenues to pursue in life, at the tender age of 17, I turned my attention away from what truly interested me and chose something that seemed sensible, something that would lead to a “good stable career”.  In my case that was Accountancy. While I allowed myself the luxury of taking French as a second subject, an unusual choice, I had made my first step down a path to a life I thought I was expected to have.

Somehow I went from university, to accounting trainee, to finance in a London based office.  I was blindly climbing a career ladder that I never truly wanted to be on.  Inside I knew this was not my true purpose.  I was more excited by crafting the words in my emails and selecting the right words to use in a presentation than I was about any of the numbers or calculations.

To numb the knowledge that I was in a career that did not align to my true self, I focussed on taking amazing vacations, and pursuing new sports like running and Bikram yoga.

On one of these epic vacations in Thailand, I met someone, someone that became a catalyst in my life by asking me a very simple question

What do you want to do?

This question had none of the boundaries I had places on myself, none of the constructs of what was expected of me.  It was a simple question, but so edgeless that it took me some time to answer it. 

In fact it took 6 months of travelling with this insightful human and a 7 month yoga teacher training course to get to the root answer to these questions.

I chose to do my yoga teacher training part time alongside a finance office job.  It was these 7 months in which I realised that where I excelled in my work, and in my life was in helping people work through a problem using my words, written or spoken. That I had done it my whole life with friends, colleagues, people I met while travelling, people I met on a plane.

What lights me up is helping people to step back from the problem or life that they are standing too close from and look at it with fresh perspective.  The best way I know how to do this is through my words.

The true purpose of my writing is to switch people on.  I create content that allows people different reflections on their life, so that they can free themselves from any bounds they have put upon themselves, and connect with what truly matters to them.  too can in a different way answer these questions.

I spent so many years of my life switched off to what made me happy, where I wanted to be, I want to help others switch on.

I spent so many years of my life switched off to what made me happy, where I wanted to be, I want to help others switch on.